Working within the Telco sector has always been exciting; it continues to embrace rapid and constant change amidst fierce market competition and disruptive innovation.

Key future trends
As network coverage and accessibility improve, prices have continued to fall, offering more for less. On top of this, the accelerating nbn rollout is driving the incumbent providers to reduce costs and further improve customer service. Also, as the fixed network becomes commoditised, the Telco providers are increasingly focusing on content and digital media.

With the numbers of connected devices globally predicted to explode in coming years (expanding from traditional mobile devices to the Internet of Things), this will add billions if not trillions of new connected data sources. Each device will add to the ever growing data volume and capacity our networks will have to manage and keep secure.

How FinXL can help
Telco has always been a major part of FinXL’s DNA; we were established in 2003 primarily to support several of Australia’s top Telco providers. We will continue to support this sector by focusing on:
Big Data – using the huge volumes of data available to Telcos to analyse and improve the customer experience, model digital propensity and provide focussed up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
Digital Transformation – delivering an innovate and customer-centric user experience across multiple channels; including web, voice and mobile devices
Cloud-based services – moving IT assets into the Cloud to support the peaks and troughs of cyclical business demand more efficiently and cost-effectively
Agile delivery -implementing Agile tools and techniques to manage risk and optimise delivery
Security – protecting assets, data and services from increasingly organised threats in a world where everything is connected.