FinXL started in 2003, with a passion for using highly talented people to solve complex technological challenges and since then we have been the conduit between challenges and solutions. As part of the successful Finite Group, FinXL has grown from a small team to a business with offices in all the major cities across Australia and New Zealand. Our deployed workforce of 1,200+ consultants on project assignments works across a diverse client base.

At FinXL, our relationships are built on trust, strengthened by respect and supported by proven processes and robust governance. It’s in our nature to connect great people, and to nurture partnerships. Our outcome driven approach is achieved by combining exceptionally talented people with proven methodologies to deliver innovative and pragmatic solutions. This enables our clients to increase revenue and profitability, improve customer satisfaction and engagement and stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing world. We have provided ICT Professional Services to a diverse range of medium to large enterprises and government organisations, including many ASX 200 corporations.

Our key Industry Sectors include:

  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities
  • Commercial
  • Vendors & Integrators
  • Government

Our reputation is enviable and our client list is impressive. We work extensively with large, complex enterprise such as Telstra, nbn, Optus, Bank of New Zealand, Arris Group, National Australia Bank, Westpac and CISCO Systems. We engage consistently with a wide range of Federal and State Government agencies.  

Everything we do, we do with pride and dedication.
We’re proud of our team, and find the constant challenge and change exhilarating and inspiring.​


What We Do​Anchor

At FinXL, we understand that you may not have the resources or the time to action all of these points so that is where we come in.

Known for delivering high value ICT services and solutions, FinXL provides our clients with the solutions and tools needed to stay at the forefront of the ever changing technology and digital landscape. We collaborate to understand the challenges, business landscape, people and the technical complexities of the situation. That understanding leads us to build the most suitable team of professionals, to deliver on agreed outcomes. Using our capabilities, we’ll determine the best solution, and work closely with you to deliver.

FinXL has nine core service offerings:

  1. Project Services

  2. Transformation & Lean Process

  3. Service Management

  4. Cloud

  5. Analytics and Data Science

  6. Apps Delivery

  7. ​SAP

  8. Security & Infrastructure

  9. XLdigital

Our Mission

To be our client’s partner of choice for business and technology consulting services. 

Our Values

Our values drive our business. We live and operate according to the principles that launched our company back in 2003.

Our clients come first, and we partner with them to deliver consistently great work. Our passion and integrity underpin everything we do. We believe that getting to the bottom of the problem is as important as crossing the finish line, so we always go that extra mile.

Everything we do, we do with pride and dedication. We stake our reputation on every solution, comfortable in our expertise and confident in our people.

​We’re proud of our team and find the constant challenge and change in digital transformation both exhilarating and inspiring.



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    ABA100 Award for Enterprise, Australian Business Awards, 2014

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    ABA100 Award for Service Excellence, Australian Business Awards, 2015

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     ABA100 Winners for Business Innovation, Australian Business Awards, 2016

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      ABA100 Award for Project Management, Australian Business Awards, 2017

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    Employer of Choice, Australian Business Awards, 2018