What We Do

To be a successful Enterprise in today’s market you need to:

  1. Listen to the market

  2. Predict the consumer behaviour and habits

  3. Plan for success

  4. Define a business model that delivers competitive advantage

  5. Use top performing people

  6. Innovate new tools to compete

  7. Execute and Deliver

  8. Adapt in order to continue to grow and expand

  9. Thrive

At FinXL, we understand that you may not have the resources or the time to action all of these points so that is where we come in.

Known for delivering high value ICT services and solutions, FinXL provides our clients with the solutions and tools needed to stay at the forefront of the ever changing technology and digital landscape.

We collaborate to understand the challenges, business landscape, people and the technical complexities of the situation.

That understanding leads us to build the most suitable team of professionals, to deliver on agreed outcomes. Using our capabilities, we’ll determine the best solution, and work closely with you to deliver.

FinXL has eight core service offerings:

  • Project Services

  • Transformation & Lean Process

  • Service Management

  • Cloud

  • Analytics and Data Science

  • Apps Delivery

  • Security & Infrastructure

  • XL Digital