Graduate Program

Why FinXL's Graduate Program?

FinXL works with the best companies in Australia.

As a Graduate with FinXL, you will have the opportunity to work with some of the biggest and best companies in Australia
(such as Telstra, NBNco, NAB, CBA and Westpac to name a few) to deliver key IT projects. 

​In a typical three year period as a FinXL Consultant, you can expect to work on at least three different customer sites.

Perhaps you’ll be deployed at Telstra for a year, followed by 18 months at NAB and then six months at BHP. After three years, you’ll have amassed invaluable experience from three completely different industry sectors and have three top ASX listed companies on your CV.

We offer a strong track record of delivering project success for our customers that dates back fifteen years. Our consultant workforce of over 1400 augments our capability and ensures we continue to grow throughout the region.

Despite our sizeable presence, we are a privately owned and proudly Australian company. We are not plagued by the same bureaucracy and red tape that frustrates our
​Tier 1 competitors and to that end, we are nimble, versatile and truly agile in delivering solutions for our customers.