Service Management

Our Service Management team has extensive experience in service transition and operations.
Poorly designed service processes negatively impact your business.
We work to avoid complexity and uncertainty, embracing
​transparency and simplicity.


With a strong background in ITIL and ITSM, we have considerable experience in Service Management and moving
from legacy systems to Cloud based offerings.

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    Analysis & Process Design

    Our experience across the entire ITIL V3 Service Management Lifecycle helps ​​create a complete ITSM process library, including effective implementation of
    ​a Service Catalogue. 

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    Platform Migration & Support

    Our certified Consultants will migrate to, upgrade or support your ServiceNow Platform. This includes systems
    administration services, business

    rules establishment, plug-in activation and
    custom application development.  

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    Testing & Defect Management

    Our testing team will work directly with your delivery or support teams to document effective test strategies and plans, including test summary reports. 

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    Service Desk

    We can provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd level service desk support, either on premise or remotely.

Contact us for more information on how we can help assist you with Service Management.