Digital Experience | Digital Solutions

XLdigital offers a comprehensive range of digital services across Mobile, User Experience, Digital Solutions and Analytics to help our clients unlock the business value of emerging technologies.

Our fast-growing team of over 160 digital consultants enables us to respond quickly to your need for digital skills and services. We can mobilise rapidly and either help you to extend your team or provide you with end-to-end digital services with a standalone XL digital team.

XLdigital will help you to realise your digital vision, working with you to implement your strategy in a pragmatic and cost-effective way.

How are we different? We combine an established professional services delivery practice with the skills and processes required for digital. Our team comprises of some of the country’s most talented UX/CX designers, practitioners, consultants and analysts – all with proven experience in the local Australian marketplace.

FinXL has had a fast growing presence within the Australian digital market since 2013 assisting leading corporates with the successful delivery of their digital transformation projects. Now with a national team of over 160 specialist Consultants, FinXL are one of the largest and most trusted digital delivery support Consultancy’s in Australia. This proven track record of success is the foundation stone of XL digital, FinXL’s new specialist digital division launched in October 2015. FinXL and XL digital are proudly 100% Australian owned.

Digital Solutions 

XLdigital are experts in delivering digital solutions, with all of the management, technical, creative and governance skills required to keep the project on track.

Program/Program Management
Our team of over 40 highly talented program and project managers are very experienced in the demands of delivering leading-edge digital solutions. Using an agile approach to evolve solutions can be extremely productive and effective, but change still needs to be controlled and managed. The management of stakeholder expectations is key to delivering on time and within budget, but a successful project for us is more than that; it must deliver on the expected benefits                                            and provide high levels of customer satisfaction.

Agile Software
In order to effectively manage risk, XL digital adopts a highly agile approach to delivering the software required for digital solutions. This means that we deliver small, nimble projects in rapid iterations, evolving software solutions by learning from feedback on earlier deliverables. Your business moves fast and we need to move even faster to deliver the solutions to support you.

Although the front-end usually grabs the attention, it is impossible to deliver a successful digital solution without an effective underlying architecture. The user experience will never be good if the application is not available when expected or runs very slowly or doesn’t have up-to-date information. Our team of architects uses industry best-practice to determine, describe and execute the most appropriate solution architecture for your application. We aim to provide scalable and                                                secure solutions that not only support your business goals today but provide a cost-effective and                                            easy to maintain application that will provide business benefits long into the future.

Business Analysis
XLdigital has an excellent team of Digital Business Analysts, with wide-ranging domain experience and expertise. They will work closely with your business experts to elicit structured and precise requirements, documenting them in an appropriate way to communicate across all stakeholders. Digitising existing processes is often a route to disaster; our team of Lean Six Sigma consultants will help you to shape and enhance your end-to-end business processes, ensuring they are as                                              productive, seamless and efficient as possible prior to moving them into the Digital world.

Change Management
Like any change, the impact of digital solutions need to be carefully planned for and implemented. Our change management team will help you to manage the multitude of impacted areas in your business from marketing and communication, through HR and personnel, legal and compliance, to ICT and production support. 

Digital & Cloud Infrastructure
Because digital solutions need to be flexible and rapidly scalable, it is often a good idea to implement them using Cloud infrastructure, be it private or public. Cloud infrastructure enables you to rapidly deploy, grow and enhance your digital solutions. XLdigital has a broad team of Cloud-related technical experts, from Cloud Architects through to Network Engineers and Virtualisation experts. We can leverage our technical team to help you to manage the risks of deployment in                                                complex Cloud and traditional environments.


With the huge explosion of mobile devices globally, XLdigital will help you to deliver solutions that improve your business performance by leveraging mobile channels.

Mobile Applications
With our mobile solutions, you can improve customer service, reduce operating costs and empower both customers and staff to engage more effectively, whenever and wherever they are. XLdigital will work closely with you to deliver end-to-end, highly integrated and customer-focussed mobile applications. Starting with stringent analysis of your business processes, we will provide all the skills required to deliver what you need, whatever the technical platform or business domain.

Mobile Device Testing
With the wide variety of mobile platforms, technologies and devices available, testing has become increasingly challenging, time-consuming and costly. XLdigital will help you by providing a range of testing services cost-effectively and flexibly.

Mobile Integration
XLdigital are experts in revitalising your legacy applications, providing mobile-friendly web front ends and accelerating the implementation of your digitisation strategy. Our team of digital solution architects will work with you to provide a cost-effective and pragmatic solution to ensure that back-end legacy applications are fully integrated and leveraged to provide data and services to your mobile web front-end.

User Experience 

XLdigital understands that user / customer experience is of paramount importance to successful digital design and delivery. We will work with your business stakeholders, marketing and creative teams to ensure that our digital solutions help you to improve the satisfaction of your customers and thereby increase their loyalty and engagement with you.

UX / CX Design
Design is a leading feature of our digital practice. Our team of highly experienced and talented UX/CX consultants are experts at creating leading-edge designs and working with you to refine and tune these designs through effective rapid prototyping techniques. Our skills encompass visual, motion and service interaction to deliver the right experience for your audience.

Usability / Acceptance Testing
A key part of delivering what your customers want, is to verify and test the designs, prototypes and applications with them throughout the implementation process. This is done both in our usability labs and externally through public testing with a random sample of potential customers.


There is no point in delivering flexible and scalable digital assets in an agile and nimble fashion unless you can track their effectiveness and continuously improve them based on real data. Implementing effective and accurate analytics is crucial.

More than ever before, our clients are being overwhelmed by the need to manage information with a high degree of precision and accuracy.

Big Data
XLdigital’s team of independent Data Consultants will enable you to select and implement the right products and processes to extract the maximum value from your Big Data. Data is critical to all businesses in the modern, digital economy and the volumes available can be overwhelming. XL digital will help you to manage the information available to you in a structured and effective manner, driving analytics outcomes and providing business insight.

Information Architecture & Modelling
XLdigital’s team of information architects and data modellers will help you to implement your information and analytics strategy across your organisation. 

Data Migration & Data Quality
In the digital world, it is essential to leverage all of the data available to you, whether it be historical or real-time, in order to make effective and accurate business decisions. A crucial part of this is to maintain the quality of data, either through flexible and proactive data validation techniques or by using the appropriate data cleansing tools and techniques. XLdigital are experts at providing pragmatic advice on how best to achieve this.

​Analytical Reporting
Effective reporting on the vast amount of data available to your business is vital to making accurate business decisions and ensuring successful business strategies. Our team of reporting experts will help you to select the right products, implement them and customise them to your needs. We will help you to maintain reports, build ​in-house capability and provide appropriate dashboards and reports for your senior management and Executives.