A multinational banking and financial services corporation, headquartered in Melbourne, is the second largest by assets and third largest by market capitalisation in Australia. It dominates commercial and retail banking sectors and operates across Australia, New Zealand, and 34 other countries. The bank serves around nine million customers globally, with over six million in Australia across more than 570 branches.


The bank faced significant challenges in its lead generation processes:

  • Poor targeting and timing of leads, resulting in leads that were often outdated or irrelevant by the time they reached the intended departments.

  • Low volume of effective leads compared to the potential identified from outbound campaigns and inbound inquiries.

The inefficiencies predominantly affected retail branches, mobile lending, and commercial banking sectors, causing frustration and missed opportunities.


The bank's Data Insights Team collaborated with a leading analytics and data science services provider to overhaul their lead generation capabilities. The solution involved the implementation of a sophisticated Omni Channel Decision Engine, enhancing campaign logic, audience segmentation, and offer assignments. Key features included:

  • A user-friendly flowchart interface for managing campaign logic and segmentation.

  • A comprehensive system of record for tracking campaign components such as segments, offers, and exclusion rules.

  • Enhanced interaction history capabilities, allowing detailed tracking of customer interactions and responses.

  • Advanced campaign execution tools capable of integrating multiple data sources and supporting diverse data output formats.

  • Robust reporting and analytical tools that allow for detailed performance analysis and the integration of custom data fields.


The new system has markedly improved lead generation for retail branches, mobile lending, and commercial banking:

  • Leads are now targeted more accurately by banking team and location.

  • Lead delivery timing has improved, providing relevant information when it is most actionable.

  • The quality of information provided has enhanced, enabling more focused conversations tailored to customer needs.

The volume of leads generated is now effectively aligned with known potential from outbound and inbound activities, providing clear insights into the lead generation process and its outcomes.


The implementation of the new analytics and reporting platform has transformed the bank’s approach to lead generation, ensuring that leads are timely, targeted, and of high quality. This has resulted in more efficient operations, better customer engagement, and enhanced satisfaction across various banking departments.

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