Southern Cross Computing (SCC) is FinXL's specialist SAP division. 


Founded in 1986 and with offices across Australia, SCC is proud to provide a full range of SAP-focussed services, from health checks through to support and monitoring.
SCC is highly regarded for the successful delivery of some of Australia most complex SAP projects and has earned a reputation for being one of the largest and most established SAP Partners, supporting Federal Government and private enterprise clients across Australia.

SCC is a trusted SAP Silver Partner, meaning we can provide you with customised solutions to enhance your customer experience, increase your customer value and establish a greater presence in our digital economy, with fully integrated, end to end processes making the most of your investment in SAP.

Our team of qualified SAP consultants are all highly trained and have extensive experience in projects across industries such as utilities, construction, mining, retail, finance and government.

How Can We Help You?


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    Due to the often highly complex nature of SAP implementations, it is crucial for an organisation to choose a business partner that can recognise their goals and successfully work towards achieving project milestones efficiently, whilst maintaining the highest level of quality. SCC can help you navigate through the risks and issues involved and provide you with guidance on best practice.

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    We can help keep you up-to-date with the latest versions of SAP, so your business can benefit from the latest features.  This could be upgrading your SAP on-premise instance to a more current version or migrating from on premise to Azure or AWS? It may involve migrating to SAP’s cloud solution, S/4HANA, whether single tenant or multi tenant.  SCC can help you in all of these cases, with proven experience in delivering successful outcomes.

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    Our technical team is highly experienced in integrating SAP with a wide range of external applications, including bespoke in-house solutions.  We leverage SAP integration tools as well as external products and custom code to provide a real-world solution that meets the needs of your business.

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    Project Work

    Our passionate and highly-skilled team of ABAP, Java and Fiori developers can help you to transform your business, whether building custom code, mobile applications or SAP-centric applications.

Our History


1986 – Southern Cross Computing was founded.

1997 – Started providing SAP services in Canberra.

2001 – Became an SAP Services partner in recognition of our significant SAP capability and our ongoing commitment to supporting SAP within the Australian Federal Government.

2010 - Became OpenText (SAP Competency) partners.

2018 - Become an SAP specialist division of FinXL IT Professional Services, part of the wider Finite Group.

2020 - An established and thriving part of the FinXL business with over 40 active clients across Australia

How Can We Help You?


SCC is a leading SAP consultancy, providing local, qualified and responsive services to support SAP projects and operations.

Our team is passionate about achieving outcomes for your business, providing professional advice, expert training and ongoing support. We do this by piecing together our SAP services, the latest technology and of course best practices. 

  • Identify & mitigate risks

  • Optimise & improve performance

  • Reduce costs

  • Align your business strategy and scope

  • Customise solutions to suit your needs

Contact us for more information on how we can help assist you with SAP. ​