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The client delivers network services to a number of Federal Government Customers. A key challenge is how to deliver this service with a high level of quality in a cost-effective way.

FinXL Solution

To support the client in reaching this outcome, FinXL proposed leveraging its award winning Associate Program where Network Engineering Graduates would work closely with Senior Network Engineers.

FinXL were commissioned to supply a team of 5 Graduates, who built competency through a mixture of on-the-job learning, formal training, and self-directed learning by carrying out the above activities. Typically, FinXL graduates were able to start adding value progressively from 3 months.

Ramp up activities included:

  • Receiving training in specific technologies; intensively for the first 3 months and ongoing as needed. Technologies included Cisco routers and switches, ISE, ACI, Aruba, Fortinet and Riverbed

  • Shadowing Senior Network Engineers on the job to learn the activities required to deliver effectively.

  • Develop an understanding of the client's end-Customer working environments, ways of working and procedures/workflows.

  • Obtaining Baseline Security Clearance.

Work included:

  • BAU network activity, including urgent break/fix actions

  • Project Delivery

  • Implementation of router, switch, and connections upgrades.

  • Infrastructure tooling development was also carried out with some Customers.

  • Test lab design and build including technical design, Visio diagram development (how it is hung together; connectivity), with presentation to Managers/Peers to validate lab design and function.

  • Updating the client and customer documentation as needed to reflect changes completed.

FinXL have worked to successfully build a Graduate Team with skills in the following areas for the technologies used:

  • Analysing existing hardware, software, and networking systems.

  • Creating and implementing scalable networks according to client specifications.

  • Testing and troubleshooting installed systems.

  • Resolving technical issues with networks, hardware, and software.

  • Performing speed and security tests on installed networks.

  • Applying network security upgrades.

  • Upgrading/replacing network equipment.

  • Creating and presenting networking reports.

  • Experience with storage engineering, wide-area networking, and network virtualization.

  • Advanced troubleshooting skills.

  • Ability to identify, deploy, and manage complex networking systems.

  • Input into Solution reviews.

A further benefit for the client is to transition the FinXL Team to their permanent employment. Once this activity is completed, the client expects to repeat the process engaging an additional 5 FinXL Graduates in FY23.

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