Southern Cross Computing (SCC) is FinXL's specialist SAP division. 

SCC is one of the largest and most established SAP Partners, supporting Federal Government
​and private enterprise clients in Australia today.


We have grown steadily in our SAP Support offerings over the years. Originally, we had very deep technical capability which then developed into a wider Financial systems support.
The breadth of our SAP capability has now grown to cover a wide range of SAP competencies.

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    Technical Discovery

    We highly recommend any potential clients allow us to undertake an SAP Technical Discovery session. This session will provide us with an understanding of your current
    SAP Landscape. It allows us to provide service recommendations that meet
    ​your individual requirements. 

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    Systems Management

    We have experience utilising a number of products to setup and provide reliable Real Time Monitoring ​of critical system functions. This allows us to proactively respond to potential issues to minimise impact
    ​to ​Business Users. 

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    Technical Support

    Our SAP Technical Team can provide flexible SAP Support for specific tasks as required. This may involve anywhere from a few
    ​hours of support services through
    to longer durations.

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    Project Work

    Our team has extensive experience in undertaking a wide range of projects for our Clients. We work collaboratively with the key stakeholders to help plan, schedule and undertake projects.

Our experienced team can provide cost effective recommendations around the management of your specific SAP Landscape. We have experience
​utilising a number of products to setup and provide reliable Real Time Monitoring of critical system functions. This allows us to proactively respond to potential issues to minimise impact to Business Users.


Our History

SCC was founded in 1986 and has been providing SAP services since 1997. SCC became an SAP Services partner in 2001 in recognition of our significant
SAP capability and our ongoing commitment to supporting SAP within the Australian Federal Government. SCC consultants have been involved in almost every significant
SAP implementation, upgrade or enhancement in Canberra.  SCC became OpenText (SAP Competency) partners in 2010.

October 2018 saw SCC become an SAP specialist division of FinXL, a member of the Finite Group. This opened up a greater range of opportunities for SCC and provided 
FinXL with an excellent SAP services capability to be developed nationally.

Business growth alone has never been a primary motivator of the SCC management team, but steady growth has come as a by-product
of continuing to deliver consistently high quality services over the last 2 decades.​ 

Contact us for more information on how we can help assist you with SAP. ​