Project Services

Project Services is core to what we do at FinXL.
We help clients deliver outcomes that grow, optimise and protect their business.


We work from business case to analysis, design, build, test, delivery, marketing, communications, training and migration into operational support. We thrive on helping our clients change
the way they deliver value using a pragmatic blend of ideas, proven frameworks and agile and hybrid practices.

Whether it’s Project Management, Portfolio Optimisation, Project Review and Recovery or Change Management, our team of experienced, innovative and dedicated
project professionals will help you deliver your desired outcomes.

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    Program & Project Management

    Delivering business change means balancing control and flexibility. The need to be flexible as the solution evolves. Our Program and Project Managers ​know this. They leverage the necessary experience, governance and stakeholder management skills to deliver your program on time.

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    Portfolio Optimisation

    FinXL help clients implement ways to prioritise opportunities. We work with​ clients to design and mobilise governance mechanisms that make sense for your organisation, instilling the right level to optimise benefit realisation. We help you manage the multifaceted portfolio that keeps small projects ​on track inside a much bigger program.

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    Project Review & Recovery

    Effective delivery of projects can be complex. Using our Project Review and Recovery capability we work team with our clients to tame the chaos of large programs, bring control to every moving part and unlock
    ​value for the long term.

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    Change Management

    Great planning and implementation limit the negative impact of that change. Our change management team identifies and manages affected areas in your business. From marketing and communication, HR and personnel, legal and compliance, to ICT and production ​support, we can help.

Contact us for more information on how we can help assist you with Project Services.